Ivy Gets Frozen

starring Ivy London Lynn, Zander

Ivy is alone and just comes out of the shower, she takes a drink of water and has been spiked. It freezes her stiff. The guy who spiked her water has been hiding in the closet just waiting on her and after she gets frozen he pops out to have some fun.


Fuck this Rectal Exam, I’m Stopping Time

starring Olive, Ivy London Lynn, Melody Jordan and Brock

Brock has come in for an exam, two new nurses are in training. As he goes through the exam at one point its time for the rectal part and at this point the girls seem to be enjoying whats about to happen. The girls have told him to relax or they will never get all their fingers in him. He deciders this isn’t going to happen and he activates his time stop device and then has his way with the girls. He un stops time and the girls have no clue as to what just happened.


Celebrity Dolls

starring Olive, Melody Jordan, Ivy Lynn London and Lucky

There was a lot of panic in the hollywood community, famous actresses and celebs have been vanishing without a trace. Reporter Jeannie Michelson was headed to do an interview Ms Powell, a famous actress to talk about what had been going on.  While there she finds her frozen and cant figure out how it happened she was just talking with her and then when she went to another room and there she was. Next she leaves the room and finds her body guard frozen as well. A  security guard shows up, gives her some coffee and then she ends up frozen as well. The security guard ends up being the guy who is shipping the girls off to a client.  But first he likes to take photos and plays with them, posing them and talking to them as if they can still hear him.