Foreign Prison Timestop


Tegan Mohr, Olive, Rock and Jack – Rock and Jack were arrested in a foreign country and guards Tegan and Olive escort them to their cell, Rock and Jack start complaining and demanding they be released or to get their phones back, The guards just laugh and leave them there. Rock and Jack are trying to figure out what they are going to do when they realize that they have a timestop watch and decide they are going to escape, they call for the guards and start telling them how women act in their country ands it angers Olive and Tegan and they enter the cell with batons raised, then Rock timestops them and start to leave, when they decide they want to mess with them and use their bodies. So they strip and fondle their frozen bodies and Rock starts to fuck Olive while Jack plays with Tegan, then they switch until Rock cums and they both leave, locking the cell behind them and restarting time leaving the foreign guards in their cell.

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