Zoey’s Timestop Interview


Zoey Monroe and Rock – Zoey is being interviewed for a high paying job, her interviewer, Rock is asking all of the usual questions, but taps his watch while Zoey is in the middle of answering a question, causing her to freeze. He goes over to her and unbuttons her shirt, then restarts time, she is alarmed at her exposed chest and quickly covers up. They continue the interview and then Rock stops time again, this time taking her shirt off and bra down, he restarts time and she is really confused, covering herself up, to why her clothes keep coming undone, but they continue the interview. Rock stops time again, and rolls her to behind his desk, where he puts her on her knees and puts his hard cock in her timestopped mouth, then restarts time, she covers herself up and apologizes and says that she is going to see a doctor, but Rock isn’t done with her yet, so he stops time again and sets her up on the desk and fucks her in several positions. After he cums inside of her, he poses her in a pin up pose on the desk and restarts time, telling her that the interview is over. *Explicit Sexual Content

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