Breaking The Habit


Tegan Mohr and Attila – Attila is out and about having fun, he finds himself at the local convent and wanders into a room where he finds a cassock and puts it on pretending he is a priest when Sister Tegan comes in and mistakes him for the new priest, she starts asking him questions as he sits her down and stumbles through answers. He wants to know more about Sister Tegan and starts to caress her leg which makes her uncomfortable, so she insists on him meeting Mother Superior and gets up to go get her, Attila quickly taps his timestop device before she reaches the door and she freezes. He goes up to her and starts to play with her, changing her face and posing her body before stripping her and putting her on her knees in a praying position, he then opens her mouth and fucks her frozen face, then he sets her up on the couch doggy style with the bible in her hands and fucks her till he cums inside of her. Then he sets her up sitting on the couch and unfreezes her, she asks what happened and he tells her it must be the will of god.

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