Olive Headphone Mindfucked


Olive and Maxwell Bhear – Olive is at home reading a book when her roommate, Max, comes in with his headphones on, she asks what he is listening to, and he tells her that she wouldn’t like it, she asks him again and he agrees and puts the headphones on her. As soon as he clicks play, Olive snaps and has a blank look on her face, he takes the headphones off of her and asks if she has heard of the new mind fucking app, she slowly replies no, he tells her that he has, and that he just used it on her and that she is now under his control. He grabs her diary and hands it to her, telling her to read him something, Olive reads through and recaps an embarrassing secret about herself.He then tells her to do other humiliating things, like rolling on the floor, kissing the television, prank phone calls and running around the room, she obeys every order. He tells her to strip and then play with herself, then tells her to dance with the lamp in the corner. He tells her to sit on his lap and pretend that he is Santa, she flips out and tells him all that she wants for christmas.He tells her to get on her knees and suck his cock, and she obeys, then he starts to fuck her and tells her to enjoy it and she moans and writhes in pleasure until Max cums all over her back.Then he tells her to get dressed and puts the headphone back on and reverses the mind fuck, she doesn’t know a thing. *Explicit Sexual Content