Nurse Madison Timestop


Starring Jessie Parker

Madison, Rock and Erik the Red – Rock is waiting in the hospital, faking sick, Nurse Madison comes in and asks him what is wrong, he tells her that he hurts all over and asks her to hold him, and starts to touch her boobs and pulls her closer, she tells him that she is going to get another nurse, so he timestops her with his timestop watch. He starts to feel her sexy body, then restarts her, she is confused to how he moved, and tells him to lay down, he timestops her again and starts to undress her then grabs a patient gown and puts her in it and lays her down and starts to give her a check up, he prescribes a hardy dose of cock to fix her up and starts to feel her pussy. He opens her mouth and puts his cock in and gets a frozen blow job, then he fucks her timestopped pussy until he cums. *Explicit Sexual Content

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