Bat-Team Timestop


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Brock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batman has a new set of side-kicks, he is training Batgirl and Robin to be ready for anything.

He starts by having them attack him, but deflects all their strikes and disables them. He tells them to better work as a team, they need to know their partners strengths as well as weaknesses, and has them fight each other. Batgirl and Robin fight each other, exchanging hits back and forth, but Robin gets Batgirl up against the wall and punches her in the belly and wins the fight. Batman congratulates Robin and tells the girls that they need to kiss to make up, and puts their heads together and they make out.

He then explains that they might come across enemies with superior technology and activates his timestop device on his belt. The girls freezes where they stand, and Batman poses them touching each other, then restarts them. Both girls are upset that they can not fight the timestop, and are completely helpless, they beg Batman to let them try again, so Batman timestops them again and they freeze again. He pulls their tops down and starts to suck on their nipples, then poses them again and brings them back, this time for a shorter time, then stops time again.

He strips them more, and uses Batgirl,s frozen hand to jack him off, then rips Robin’s pantyhose open and starts to fuck her, till he cums all over her!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Timestop, Freeze, Fighting, Catfighting, Belly Punches, Lesbian Kissing, Posing, Nipple Licking, Nudity, Catch and Release, Frozen Handjobs, Pantyhose Ripping, Stripping, Freeze Fucking, Cumshots

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Alisha Mind-Fucked and Trained


Alisha Adams and Miles – Alisha is hanging out with her buddy Miles, an Army Drill Sergeant, she tells him how tired she is from work and he tells her he has been trying out mind-fucking, and has gotten pretty good at it, he tells her that 10 minutes under is like 8 hours of sleep, she agrees and Miles puts her under, and brings her under his control!

Miles orders Alisha to take off her clothes and fold them, he then tells her to make a pig face, then has her do some humiliating and strenuous Army work outs, she obeys and does them all, showing off her sexy body as she stretches and moves.

He then has her roll around on the ground and picks up her feet and worships them while she plays with her tits. He tells her to crawl around then put her clothes back on, then he brings her back, knowing nothing of the humiliation and training she just went through!




Lost Bet


Caprice Capone, Alexandria, Rock and David – It’s couples night, and while waiting for their favorite show to come on, Rock and David play poker while Caprice and Alexandria catch up on some girl talk. Rock wins another game, but David doesn’t have anything to give, so Rock tells him that he should let him fuck his wife, Caprice, David doesn’t like the sound of that, but then Rock offers a trade up, his girlfriend for David’s wife, David agrees, but doesn’t think the girls will be up to it, but Rock has that covered with his timestop watch!

The guys tease the girls, trying to get them to make out, they refuse, so Rock stops time. The guys start by making the girls kiss, then they pose and strip them, changing their faces. Then they lay the girls down and fuck them, until they cum, Rock in Caprice’s face and David in Alexandria’s pussy. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Caprice’s POV Mind-Fuck


Caprice Capone and Alex Dorian – Caprice is at her therapist, Dr. Dorian’s, office. He is taking video documentation of her session. Today, he has decided to put her under. He explains the process and she starts to fall asleep, he brings her back under his control.

He feels her sexy body and orders her to refer to him as Master. He orders her to undress and play with her tits, then has her bend over and feels her ass. He has her bend over again and play with her pussy from behind. She slides her fingers in and moans at the stimulation.

He tells her to sit on the couch and finger herself till she orgasms, Caprice rubs her clit and fingers herself till she has a massive orgasm

He then orders her on the table and fucks her till he cums. Then has her get dressed and brings her back.