Mad Scientist From The Future Timestops Girls


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Lucky

Directed by Alex Dorian

Tegan has just gotten out of the shower and heads into the living room to find her roommate Victoria sitting on the couch reading a book.

Tegan starts to put her clothes on when a vortex appears. Electricity shoots out of it and a man starts materialize.

Both Tegan and Victoria are startled and ask him who he is, he explains that he is a time traveler from the future and that he is here to party

The girls try to protest, but he uses his futuristic technologies and timestops the girls

The time traveler starts to pose and strip the girls, putting them in funny positions and making them touch each other.

He untimestops them just to watch them freak out, then freezes them again. He sets Victoria on the ground as a coffee table and puts a candle in Tegan’s hand and lights it.

He moves both girls onto the bed and starts to fuck Tegan’s frozen face. He lays her down on the bed and fucks her mouth until he cums.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Nudity, Mad Scientist, Frozen Blow Job, Posing, Stripping, Body Views

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Girlfriend Tranced


Starring Victoria Verve and Alex Dorian

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alex is heading to see his girlfriend, Victoria

He knocks on the door and she lets him in. She tells him to sit down and starts to tell him that she thinks it’d be better if they broke up.

Alex takes it well and gets up to go, then snaps his finger and she goes out, turns out he’s been mind fucking her for months, and has her so well trained that he can put her under his control by just snapping his fingers.

He tells her to stand up and grabs her hand and teaches her to walk forward.

Then he has her bend over and he feels her ass, then orders her to strip.

He orders her to stand on the table and dance for him, then he has her sit down and orders her to finger herself.

Then he has her crawl around and pick up all of her clothes off the ground with her mouth.

Then Alex tells her to give him a lap dance.

Then he tells her that when she is awake that she will not want to break up with him, then he snaps his finger and she wakes up ready to fuck.

Fetish Elements: Mind Fuck, Nudity, Control, Female Training, Stripping, Taught To Walk, Yes Master, s/M, Crawling, Masturbation, Fingering, Dancing

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Timestopped My Lesbian Girlfriend


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Lucky

Directed by Alex Dorian

Tegan and Victoria are lovers, but there is a small complication in their relationship: Tegan’s boyfriend, Lucky.

The girls are hanging out at Tegan’s house, making out on her couch, when Victoria stops and asks her if she’s dumped him yet, Tegan tells her no, and that it is harder than she expected, and that she invited him over so that she can help her break the news.

They continue making out, when Lucky walks right in, he thinks he is being set up for a threesome, so jumps between the two sexy girls. Tegan gets to work telling him that she is a lesbian, and can’t see him anymore, but Lucky just doesn’t get it.

The girls try to make him understand, but all he hears is “we want your cock” so he timestops them

He starts posing the two girls, then restarts time to mess with them, then he starts undressing them, still teasing them. then he sits them down on the couch and sits between them and pulls his cock out and uses the two girls frozen hands to jack him off, then he untimestops them to watch them freak.

He freezes them again, then starts to fuck Tegan’s frozen mouth, then pussy till he cums. Then he leaves both girls frozen on the couch.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Lesbians, Freeze, Timestop, Catch and Release, Kissing, Nudity, Posing, Facial Change, Frozen Blow Job, Frozen Fucking, Frozen Hand Job, Body Fondling, Body Views

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Viva My Robo Slave


Starring Viva and JohnM

Directed by JohnM

Viva is my little Robo Slave

I order her to wake up and sit up, she is under order to only refer to me as master.

I tell her to play with her tits, then sit on the table.

She is wearing a bra and some panties, so I order her to take her bra off, then her panties, then I tell her to play hit her pussy.

I order her to stop and to crawl around on the bed, then I have her sit on the couch and spread her legs for me, she is so sexy.

I order her to to lick the bottom of a lamp, then deep throat a candle. Then I tell her to lay back down and go to back to sleep.

Fetish Elements: Mind Fuck, Orgasms, Slave, Nudity, Command, s/M, POV, Stripping, Yes Masterviva_robo_slave_pre

Presented in 1280×720 High Definition WMV Format