See Me After Class


Starring Jessie Parker and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Jessie and Rock are stuck in detention. Rock’s used to it, he’s there all the time, but Jessie is a very good girl, and got caught skipping.

Their teacher leaves them to do their work and Rock starts to talk to her, trying to get her to ditch detention with him, after some persuading, she agrees to leave and they go to his place.

At Rock’s house, he tries to get Jessie to have some fun with him, but she just won’t do it, she has a boyfriend, and came over to drink and stuff, so Rock timestops her.

He starts to strip her and pose her while he does, he sits her down and licks her nipples and feels her sexy body under his hands and lips, then he picks her up and carries her to his bed.

He takes his cock out and slides it into her frozen pussy and starts to fuck her. He flips her over and fucks her doggy style until he cums all over her ass.

Then he figures he should bring her back to detention, so he picks her up and takes her back and sets her in her chair naked and leaves.

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Timestop, Fucking, Posing, Nudity, Detention, Stripping, Nipple Licking, Cumshot, Body Views

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