Teacher’s Lounge


Starring Darcie Belle, Breezy, and Javier

Darcie and Breezy are hanging out in the teacher’s lounge, a rare privilege given to them by Mr. Bottom. Darcie tells Breezy that she’s allowed to be in there because Mr. Bottom thinks she’s pretty, so to get her revenge, Breezy slips some freeze serum in her smoothie so that she can prove to everyone what a slut she is.

Darcie drinks up and freezes almost immediately. Laughing and calling her out for the fucking slut that she is, Breezy leaves her in the teacher’s lounge. A few hours later, the janitor comes in to clean up and notices Darcie sitting there. He addresses her, but receives no response, so he waves his hand in front of her eyes but her vacant expression does not change.

Excited by his unexpected discovery, the janitor decides to have some fun with the frozen girl he found. He begins by posing her in various positions, then removes her shirt and bra. Then he lifts her skirt over her head and kneels to peel down her panties.

Now that the frozen girl is naked, he sits her on the chair and spreads her legs so he can lick her tight pink pussy. He pushes his face between her wide open legs and sticks his tongue into her. Then he decides to bend her over, so her ass is sticking up in the air, and continues licking her pussy from behind. He’s totally turned on by all this, so he decides to sit her down in the chair and pulls out his cock. He starts brushing it against her lips, opening her jaw with hand so he can face fuck her. He starts going at it when Breezy walks in. He panics and runs off, but she’s gotten her revenge. She takes a few photos of the naked slut and leaves.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Pussy Eating, Nudity, Freeze, Posing, Lift & Carry, Doll, Statue,




Physical Fitness


Starring Emma Evins, Alice Whyte, and Miles

Miles is teaching an intimate fitness class to two gorgeous girls in yoga pants and sports bras. He is so turned on by their tight little asses in those hot pants, he can hardly handle himself as they stretch. Using the instruction as an excuse, he grabs Alice’s tits. Then he has them rotate their hips, and he checks their form in a very close, sexual way, grabbing them and grinding up on them.

Finally he makes one of the girls uncomfortable when he starts grabbing their asses and touching their pussies. She calls him out, but he continues to touch them inappropriately, and since they are not responding well to it, he freezes them. Once both girls are frozen, Miles proceeds to strip them both, sliding their tight yoga pants down over their asses to expose their pretty pink pussies.

Then he shoves his cock in one of the girl’s mouths, fucking her frozen face with his throbbing hard dick. He poses the girls, stripping them more, using the couch to lay one of them on so he can make her watch as he fucks Emma from behind.

Then he repositions both of the girls again so they are piled on top of each other, and continues to switch between fucking both girls’ mouths and pussies. He poses them one last time and kisses each girl sensually on the mouth before leaving them frozen.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Blow Jobs, Doll, Statue, Lift & Carry, Face fucking, Multi Girl, Fitness, Yoga Pants, Dragging, Kissing.




My Sexy Sleepover


Starring Katarina Kay, Mercy, and Rock

Katarina and Mercy are having a sleepover. They sit on the bed in their pajamas giggling and talking girl talk. They start playing truth or dare, and Katarina dares Mercy to kiss her on the cheek. Meanwhile, Mercy’s dad is busy putting something in their drinks. They both take a sip, but that’s all it takes, and they freeze where they sit.

Once they are both frozen still, Mercy’s dad has some fun posing their bodies in different positions. Then he starts taking their clothes off and putting their hands on each other. He moves them over to the couch where he finishes removing their clothing and places them in more poses so that they touch each other’s naked bodies.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Posing, Doll, Statues, Girl on Girl, Nudity, Lift & Carry.




So…Am I Hired?


Starring Darci Belle and Javier

Ms. Belle is looking to hire an assistant, and Javier goes in for an interview. He doesn’t have very many skills and he tries using his sultry charms in lieu of a resume. Ms. Belle isn’t impressed; she cuts the interview short in an attempt to get him out of her office, since he clearly isn’t a good fit for the job. But just as she’s calling her secretary, he freezes her.

Now that she’s frozen, and that painful excuse for an interview is over, he does what he really came here to do. First he moves her out from behind her desk, caressing her, feeling her tits and running his hands up her skirt. Business casual is nice on her, but it would probably look just as good on the floor. He begins undressing her, removing her jacket, top, and skirt, leaving just her shoes and pantyhose.

He carries her nearly nude, doll-like figure to the luxurious armchair on the other side of the desk where he carefully removes her shoes and tenderly peels off her pantyhose. After unbuttoning his pants, he wraps her hands around his dick, jerking himself off with his new toy. She’s so sexy and she’ll do whatever he wants…

After touching her luscious pussy, he knows he wants to be inside, so he picks her up and carries her over to her desk, laying her out on top of it. He spreads her legs and tastes her pretty pink pussy before sliding his cock into it. He fucks her gently, bringing her legs up and gripping her thighs as he thrusts in and out of her. She continues to stare vacantly at the ceiling as he cums on her belly, caressing her one last time as if to thank her, and leaves her on the desk with her documents and instruments.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Doll, Statues, Posing, Lift & Carry, Pussy Eating, Shoe Removal, Pantyhose, Foot Fetish, Foot Play, Office.