College Dean’s Office


Starring Kate England and Rock

Rock goes into the dean’s office at his college because he’s not passing his classes and they won’t let him graduate. He’s upset, but there’s nothing Ms. England can do at this point. He pleads his case anyway, even though she’s too busy to listen to his ridiculous story. He’s been going to this school for 7 years and still hasn’t graduated, so there’s not much she can do for him and he refuses to go to summer school.

Rock is desperate, he really wants to graduate, so he brings up their past. He reminds her that they went to high school together and they used to hang out and be cool with each other. But then she reminds him that while he’s been slacking off, she’s gotten a master’s degree and that’s why she’s on this side of the desk. Realizing there’s nothing he can say to convince her, Rock turns to other measures.

She tries to kick him out of his office and is just about to call security when he slaps the watch on his wrist. She immediately falls still. Now that she’s completely frozen he can get what he wants. He grabs her hand and places a pen in it so he can make her write up the necessary paperwork to allow him to graduate. But he’s not finished there.

He starts by unbuttoning her blouse, and then picks her up and carries her to the empty space in her office. Then he strips her clothing off piece by piece until she’s completely naked. He grabs her tits and bends her over so he can spank her like then naughty girl that she is. Then he slides his dick in her mouth and fucks her face for a while.

Bending her over her desk again, he fucks her from behind, and then lifts her onto the desk to fuck her in different positions until he cums. He unfreezes her at the last moment so she knows what he’s done, and then freezes her again.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Blowjobs, Fucking, Undressing, Lift & Carry, Posing, Statue, Stiff, Doll, Spanking, Foot Views.




The Farm Life 2


Racing Hearts is a speed dating game show for helpless, lonely singles looking to win love. Everyone at the studio was surprised when one of the contestants, Rawk, found love off screen when he stole Anna Powell’s heart away. Now he’s looking to find that special someone for his brother. Janine Michelson, who has taken over as the new producer of the show, has come to visit the farm and check up on Rawk and his new wife. She’s just about to leave when Rawk offers her a glass of fresh milk.

She kindly accepts, but only because she is unaware of the milk’s mystical powers. She drinks the entire glass and begins to remark on how delicious it is, when she freezes mid-sentence. Now Rawk has a fun plaything for his brother. After he dresses her in appropriate farm attire (a flannel shirt and pigtails) he starts to have some fun with her before he hands her over to his brother.

First he poses her around his house while fondling her tits and grabbing her ass. She has such a beautiful, tight body. What a beautiful young lady. His brother sure is lucky. He places her in different areas, posing her in various positions, preparing her for her life on the farm. He slides her dainty feet into some galoshes and squats her down to hold a bucket. Then he slides a ring on her finger to seal the deal. She’s going to love her life on the farm with her sister in law Anna.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Fondling, Posing, Life & Carry, Statue, Doll, Stiff, Undressing, Costumes, Nudity, Boot Fetish, Foot Views, Body Views.




Cum Dividend


Starring Norah Nova, Lily LaBeau, and Rock

Mr. Bottom got an email that his stocks are down 85% and he’s not happy so he goes in to see his stock brokers, Ms. LaBeau and Ms. Nova. They try to explain to him that it’s not their fault and these sorts of things happen in the stock market exchange, but he’s not having it. Things get heated when Mr. Bottom calls them crooks. He gave them everything, he invested his entire savings, but there is nothing the ladies can do. They try to sell him more stocks as a solution, and this is the last straw.

Frustrated by the lack of solutions these “professionals” are providing, he slaps the special watch he wears on his wrist. Immediately, both ladies stop moving. Now that they are frozen, he will take his revenge. He begins by posing the girls around their office and removing their clothing piece by piece. He stands Ms. LaBeau up, removing her jacket and skirt, leaving her bra and pantyhose. Then he removes Ms. Nova’s jacket, skirt, and top, leaving her thigh high stockings, high heels, and bra. He lays her on the desk with her pussy showing and continues undressing Ms. LaBeau.

With both girls mostly nude, he fondles them, touching their breasts, rubbing their pussies. He can do whatever he wants to them. So he decides to lay Ms. LaBeau on the large desk next to Ms. Nova, but facing the other way. He starts fucking her mouth, and then slides Ms. Nova’s body closer to the edge of the desk so he can fuck her in the pussy while he grabs Ms. LaBeau’s tits. He switches between both girls, fucking their pretty mouths and pink pussies, posing them in various positions, until he cums on Ms. LaBeau’s throat.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Blow Jobs, Fucking, Rape, Face Fucking, High Heels, Stockings, Business Attire, Pantyhose, Threesomes, Fondling, Stiff, Nudity, Body Views, Foot Views.




Photographer’s Revenge


Starring Lily LaBeau and Rock

Rock no longer wishes to work for Ms. Michelson’s company as their photographer, so he pays her an office visit to discuss his severance. He wants the files of all the work he’s done for her company over the years he’s worked there. But Ms. Michelson can’t break the contract he signed for the company that guaranteed them rights to his intellectual property. Rock is unhappy. He wants his work for his portfolio, but Ms. Michelson cites the non-compete clause, and that’s just the last straw.

In order to take matters into his own hands, Rock unpacks his magical camera. Right as they’re exchanging facetiously sincere goodbyes, Rock clicks the button and Ms. Michelson immediately becomes completely rigid. He will get his revenge in his own way. First order of business is retrieving all his files off of her computer. He doesn’t care about the stupid contract, they’re his photos and he will do what he wants with them.

After he’s taken care of business, he just decides to have some fun. He unbuttons her shirt and removes her skirt, revealing some lacy lingerie and nude pantyhose. He poses her all around her office in various compromising positions, removing more articles of clothing and snapping blackmail as he goes.

He lays her on her desk, her legs high in the air, peeling off her pantyhose, then poses her doing various different things like eating salad and making silly faces, picking her nose and eating it. He fondles her breasts and carries her across the office to get different angles. Finally, he slaps a sticky note on her forehead that says “Out of Order,” dresses her partially in some goofy clothing he finds on her coat rack, and drags her away to have some more fun.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Nudity, Posing, Lift & Carry, Breast Fondling, Stiff, Pantyhose, Clothing Removal, Foot Views.