Corporate Bitches


Starring Alina West, Ashley Lane, and Rock

Technical problems are such a drag. Alina’s email won’t open so she’s called the IT guy in to look at it. Some kind of virus or something; who knows. He’s trying to fix the problem but her computer is really in a poor state. She starts getting defensive about the way she uses her machine when the IT guy starts to find spyware and all kinds of fishy things on there.

She’s rushing him, looming over him as he’s trying to just do his job and fix it for her. But she’s being really rude and pushy and condescending to him. He keeps quiet, rolling his eyes as he continues doing his work. Just then, her co-worker Ashley enters the office with some paperwork saying she needs to talk to Alina. She tells the IT guy to leave, even though he’s in the middle of trying to fix the problem.

The girls sit down to talk business and start going over the paperwork that Ashley brought in. But the IT guy, who is invisible to them, lurks in the office. He slaps the watch on his wrist, and both of them freeze. It’s payback time.

He starts messing with them, tormenting them in subtle ways. He removes both the girls’ skirts, and then replaces them in their original positions. Slapping the watch on his wrist again, IT Guy resumes time, and watches hilarity ensue. Alina blames Ashley for her missing skirt, and starts raising her voice, getting upset at the ridiculous week she’s had. Ashley doesn’t know where her skirt went either. She tries to cover herself, confused and embarrassed.

But he’s just getting started. He continues in this fashion, freezing and un-freezing the girls, gradually removing more and more clothing and turning them against each other. It’s so fun to watch. He’s almost giddy with excitement as they just verbally tear each other apart. Finally, when both girls are stripped down to their lingerie and sufficiently aggravated, he leaves them in a very suggestive position on the desk for someone else to find.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Freeze, Lingerie, Posing, Stripping, High Heels, Lift & Carry, Stockings.




I’ll Show You Where It Hurts


Starring Alina West and Rock

Rock is been having this horrible pain in his testicles lately. It’s really causing him a lot of discomfort, so he goes to the doctor. He’s in the gown, lying on the exam table when the nurse comes in and starts asking him a few questions. She starts feeling around his lower abdomen, asking if the pressure causes discomfort, but that all seems to be fine.

He places her hand on his dick and she recoils, feeling weird about the situation. Yeah, she’s a nurse but something about his forwardness is really off-putting. She tells him she’ll get the doctor if he wants a testicular exam because this is wildly inappropriate, but he’s persistent. He just wants the exam, but she’s uncomfortable because he’s been back 3 times this month already for being “sick” or “in pain.”

She starts telling him off when he slaps the special watch on his wrist. She freezes in her tracks immediately. Now he can get the immediate medical attention that he needs. He begins by having her touch his cock with her cold, clean hands. Then he places her mouth on his dick and fucks her face. She has such beautiful lips, it feels amazing. Then he bends her over the exam table and fucks her from behind for a while before flipping her over on her back.

He fucks her in different positions, all while she’s frozen stiff. But her pussy is still soft and wet so what does it matter. Her lacy pink panties are still stuck around her ankles and her shoes are still on. It’s so hot, he finally cums. Finished with his business and feeling much better, he leaves.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Timestop, Fucking, Blowjobs, Face Fucking, Medical, Nurse Costume, Posing, Statue, Lift &Carry, Role Play, Stiff.




As The Time Stops: Episode 2


Starring Odette Delacroix and Rock

Previously, on As The Time Stops: Ashley and Rock are having a secret affair! Ms. Delacroix finds out and fires them both! They freeze her and fuck her! Brock and Ashley have been fucking! Who’s baby is Ashley having!? Find out on As The Time Stops.

After Brock revealed, to his brother Rock’s shock, that Ashley is having his baby, the two lovers fled to work out their qualms. At this point, Brock notices that his wife, who is Rock and Ashley’s former employer, is frozen and unresponsive. He waves his hand in front of her face, he shakes her, he kisses her, but nothing will wake her up.

Distraught, Brock decides to love on his wife regardless of her frozen state. He gently lays her down on the bed and spreads her legs. Softly, he starts to lick her pussy. He lifts her hand to place on his head, just like how she did before she was frozen. He licks her pussy, pressing his tongue against her clit. Then he lifts her up and kneels her on the bed. He stands in front of her and places his cock in her mouth. She always gave such good head.

He moves her head back and forth and fucks her face until suddenly he gets a brilliant idea. He grabs her by the middle and flips her upside down so that her pussy is right in his face and slides his dick in her mouth while he stands. Then he puts her back down lying on the bed with her head hanging off the edge and fucks her face until he cums. Then he places his beautiful, naked wife in a chair until he can figure something out.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Pussy Eating, Nudity, Posing, Lift & Carry, Blowjobs, 69.




As The Time Stops


Starring Odette Delacroix, Ashley Lane, and Rock

The sexy maid, Ashley, and the butler, Rock, are having a secret affair. Their employer, Miss Delacroix, runs a tight ship and doesn’t like that kind of hanky panky going on in her house behind her back. She walks in on them kissing and fires both of them on the spot. Even though they’ve faithfully served her for the last 12 years and they have a baby on the way. She orders them to get out. They hold each other close in sorrow.

But Rock has a plan. Earlier, while he was shopping for feather dusters at the market, a strange vagrant man sold him a special watch. The man had a glass eye, a peg leg, and a gruff voice so Rock knew it must really be a magical item. Now was the time to find out. He slaps the watch and Miss Delacroix freezes in her tracks. All their problems are solved!

Now they can have a little fun with their former employer. First they pose her around the house a little, and then Rock picks her up and carries her over to the bed. They lift up her dress and spank her, and then they really start to have some fun. Rock opens her mouth and fucks her face while Ashley caresses her body and grabs her tits. Then she sits on her lover’s face while Rock continues to pump his dick inside Miss Delacroix’s mouth until he cums. He tilts her head back and rubs her throat so she swallows it all down. Ha! That’ll show her…

Suddenly, Rock’s twin brother, Brock, bursts in the room. He reveals some juicy news: Ashley’s baby is his! She’s been sleeping with him. Feeling betrayed, Rock flees while Ashley sobs. What will she ever do now!!!

Tune in next time to find out, on As The Time Stops.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjobs, Threesome, Freeze, Nudity, Spanking, Doll, Lift & Carry, Cum Swallowing.