As The Time Stops: Episode 2


Starring Odette Delacroix and Rock

Previously, on As The Time Stops: Ashley and Rock are having a secret affair! Ms. Delacroix finds out and fires them both! They freeze her and fuck her! Brock and Ashley have been fucking! Who’s baby is Ashley having!? Find out on As The Time Stops.

After Brock revealed, to his brother Rock’s shock, that Ashley is having his baby, the two lovers fled to work out their qualms. At this point, Brock notices that his wife, who is Rock and Ashley’s former employer, is frozen and unresponsive. He waves his hand in front of her face, he shakes her, he kisses her, but nothing will wake her up.

Distraught, Brock decides to love on his wife regardless of her frozen state. He gently lays her down on the bed and spreads her legs. Softly, he starts to lick her pussy. He lifts her hand to place on his head, just like how she did before she was frozen. He licks her pussy, pressing his tongue against her clit. Then he lifts her up and kneels her on the bed. He stands in front of her and places his cock in her mouth. She always gave such good head.

He moves her head back and forth and fucks her face until suddenly he gets a brilliant idea. He grabs her by the middle and flips her upside down so that her pussy is right in his face and slides his dick in her mouth while he stands. Then he puts her back down lying on the bed with her head hanging off the edge and fucks her face until he cums. Then he places his beautiful, naked wife in a chair until he can figure something out.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Pussy Eating, Nudity, Posing, Lift & Carry, Blowjobs, 69.