Corporate Bitches


Starring Alina West, Ashley Lane, and Rock

Technical problems are such a drag. Alina’s email won’t open so she’s called the IT guy in to look at it. Some kind of virus or something; who knows. He’s trying to fix the problem but her computer is really in a poor state. She starts getting defensive about the way she uses her machine when the IT guy starts to find spyware and all kinds of fishy things on there.

She’s rushing him, looming over him as he’s trying to just do his job and fix it for her. But she’s being really rude and pushy and condescending to him. He keeps quiet, rolling his eyes as he continues doing his work. Just then, her co-worker Ashley enters the office with some paperwork saying she needs to talk to Alina. She tells the IT guy to leave, even though he’s in the middle of trying to fix the problem.

The girls sit down to talk business and start going over the paperwork that Ashley brought in. But the IT guy, who is invisible to them, lurks in the office. He slaps the watch on his wrist, and both of them freeze. It’s payback time.

He starts messing with them, tormenting them in subtle ways. He removes both the girls’ skirts, and then replaces them in their original positions. Slapping the watch on his wrist again, IT Guy resumes time, and watches hilarity ensue. Alina blames Ashley for her missing skirt, and starts raising her voice, getting upset at the ridiculous week she’s had. Ashley doesn’t know where her skirt went either. She tries to cover herself, confused and embarrassed.

But he’s just getting started. He continues in this fashion, freezing and un-freezing the girls, gradually removing more and more clothing and turning them against each other. It’s so fun to watch. He’s almost giddy with excitement as they just verbally tear each other apart. Finally, when both girls are stripped down to their lingerie and sufficiently aggravated, he leaves them in a very suggestive position on the desk for someone else to find.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Freeze, Lingerie, Posing, Stripping, High Heels, Lift & Carry, Stockings.