3 Times The Fun


Starring Norah Nova, Lily LaBeau, Mercy, and Rock

Triple the pleasure, triple the fun! Rock is a little bit of a socialite. He can’t help it; he just loves the ladies. He’s been told he’s charming and a big flirt, but he just can’t help himself. But he made a mistake… he accidentally triple booked himself tonight. Dinner with Norah, dancing with Lily, and drinks with Mercy. Maybe he should implement a color-coding system in that little black book of his…

Luckily, he has a solution. He came into possession of a mysterious watch that seems to freeze people, so he uses it to his advantage. He freezes each girl as he goes to pick them up and just brings them straight home. It proves to be a great plan. This is way cheaper than dating! Plus, the girls are his playthings. He can do whatever he wants to them.

Now that he has three sexy, vacant, dolled-up dates in his living room, he starts to play. He begins with some goofy stuff like making them touch each other’s butts and tits. And then he starts to expose their sexy lingerie under their dresses. What a hot bunch of ladies! Damn, he’s good! He poses them all around his apartment, bending them over and spreading their legs. So many possibilities, and the night is still young…

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Lingerie, Posing, Statues, Dolls, High Heels, Garters.