Welcome to ROBOMEATS, where we strive to produce high-quality, time-stop and freeze content.

We have been in the fetish production business for over 16 years, have a large, dedicated studio and staff and a strong desire to please!

Feel free to comment on our videos or email us with suggestions at contact@robomeats.com

We also produce custom videos that are made to order. If if you are interested, please visit customvideos4u.com.

50 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just discovered your site. I’m a foot, moreover, sole fetishist, so I definitely appreciate the mish positions with soles showing. Please keep the ceiling or over shoulder angles, so we can enjoy the soles and lovely faces of the models. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Hi i watched a lot of movies from your site. I wanted to ask if i can make a custom with you guys. Would be nice.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Love your guys videos great stuff. Especially love the sisters time stop video. I just wanted to make a suggestion for more lesbian time stop clips that would be awesome. Since you did sisters maybe a mother daughter time stop video could be done in the future. Just putting it out there. Keep up the great work awesome videos.

  4. how about setting a freeze video in a pharmacy 3 pharmacy chicks could be frozen could you do it? also a video in your kitchen set where 4 girls are hanging out and laughing and get frozen by a pervert….

  5. Here is probably the oddest request to date. Was wondering if you could incorporate a pissing fetish into your freeze videos. I saw an Asian style time stop video where they did this. If you want more details email me. Just a thought.

  6. Hey,
    That Video was oh so good. Do you plan more shrinking videos? I would love to see her shrinking out of her clothes, climbing his cock and eventually shrinking so tiny, she can slip into his Penis entering his balls and keep masturbating. Finaly get shot on the desk where she swims in a load of cum.

      1. excuse me
        may i ask?
        how to purchase this video the frozen 8
        but I do not have a paypal account and clips4sale.com not open in my country. I exist in Indonesia.
        Please how.
        If you use western union can not?
        please give me a solution and submit your solution to my email

    1. Hi Paul! Where are you purchasing the videos from? We might have larger files available depending on which movie you’re interested in and where you’re getting them.

  7. Amigos he descubierto su pagina y he visto varios clips de sus peliculas, como hago para obtener las peliculas completas y cual seria su costo?

    1. Hola! Si usted quiere encontrar películas completas hay banderas al final de cada post para Kinkbomb para comprar.

        1. Hey, NotJohn, this is just a lowly social media manager, so I’m not the one who decides this stuff, but I have not heard of any plan to start a subscription service. I’m assuming that this is what you are asking about. If the “this” you are referring to is something, please let me know and I will try to answer your actual question.

          1. It was indeed. Unfortunately these clips are prized so high that one or two clips is what I would spend one a monthly subscription.
            Pretty sure someone can spend close to 10K buying these clips.

    1. Robomeats is the name of our studio. We make adult fetish videos including freeze, time stop, robot, and hypno content. To see previews of the videos you can go to our main page http://robomeats.com/updates/ and check out the gifs and the photo collages to get a better idea of the content, and if you’re interested in purchasing, you can click the banners at the bottom. Hopefully that answers your question!

  8. I seen a video clip of a video you all did called “time stop girl park” and was hoping to find the full video. any help?

    1. Hmmmmm. Are you sure it was one of our videos? I searched all our stores and archives and I don’t see anything with that name. Is it possible it had a different title?

  9. Hi
    I enjoy your time-stop and mind-control videos! Is it possible to pay for the videos via paypal?

    In addition I have a request. Your website offers a few videos from different fetishes. Is it possible to make a video for the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover fetish? In my opinion it could be interesting for the ABDL community to mix time-stop / mind control and ABDL.

    Please tell me your opinion about it.

    1. Hiya Jan!

      Looks like the 2 main web stores we use (Kinkbomb and Clips 4 Sale) unfortunately don’t accept Paypal. But they are both secure, if that helps.

      Also, thanks for the request. I’ve passed this along to our production team, as these decisions aren’t mine to make. But it’s always great to hear feedback from our viewers, and always fun to switch things up and appeal to other niche fetish communities.

  10. Stop having Rock in every damn video. Would be nice to see the other guys enjoying some pussy for a change. Variety!

    1. Hey Stone, thanks for the feedback. I see where you’re coming from; as a female and the publisher for this company, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little variety as well. Unfortunately the males get overlooked in these sorts of movies a lot, so I appreciate your concern and I’ve sent this along to our producers.

  11. Thank you guys for all the great content. I’m really enjoying you’re site. I was wondering if you could do more locker room videos. I feel like it’s a pretty common fantasy and I think you only have 1 video with that theme. A video with a couple more girls in it would be hot. Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Heya! Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying what you’re seeing. I’ll definitely pass that along to the production team…you’re right, haven’t seen a locker room scene in a while.

  12. I like the movies you guys make! I would definitely be giving you more money If:

    – The movies were a bit cheaper on C4S
    – You had a subscription plan
    – You had AB/DL stuff happening, even if only wearing, as sometimes the eroticism is about the wearing, not using. It’s my #1 fetish.

    I look forward to next payday!

    1. Heya! Thanks! Hm. You know…I don’t recall ever seeing any of women timestopping men. I’ve actually never even been asked that before, oddly enough. Unfortunately I don’t think we have any of those on here, but if I find any I will let you know!

      1. Thanks a bunch for the quick reply! In the meantime, can you tell me if you will accept customs where a woman freezes and plays with a man? I didn’t pick out anything in the blurb that says it couldn’t be done, but just double checking!

  13. Hi Guys. I love your timestop videos. But love your shrinking videos even more. Can you please think about putting your
    clips on DVD. Some people may not have a good computer
    to buy your clips. Again love the shrinking videos.

    1. Hi Martin! Thank you for the kind words, we always appreciate customer comments like that!

      If you are interested in having someone put together a custom DVD for you, you can discuss that with John, he handles all of our custom related matters. He can be reached at: johnm.pkf@gmail.com

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

    1. Hi Damien!

      Right now she is not scheduled for any clips, but you can follow us on Twitter @Robomeats and we usually make announcements of when certain actresses are in studio.

      Thanks for your support!

  14. hello everybody!

    first of all, I love the timestop theme, really do … but can’t you focus on the female models and keep your male models closed? I am really not very much into dicks, it even gets worse when the male actor is aged and catching his breath every few sec, it makes me zap out immediately. maybe if I was gay but I am as straight as one can be … please consider it for the future …

    1. Hello, Mike,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying our movies and we always appreciate input on how we can improve. We really do try to get the male actors to keep their pants on, but you know how guys are. One look at the sexy women we get and their slacks come off like cheap paint in the rain. We do have a selection of timestops that have women only in them (so hot!), so you may want to see if they put the lead in your pencil. Stay horny, Mike, and we’ll keep churning out hot, cunt bashing action.

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