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Patient & Nurse Timestop


Caprice Capone, Alexandria, Rock, Brock, Miles and David – Alexandria is at the hospital talking to nurse Caprice about a headache, when Doctor Rock comes in with some “med students” to observe. Rock starts feeling Alexandria’s boobs and urges the guys to as well, Caprice tells them to stop, and Rock activates his timestop watch. With the girls frozen, they start to strip and pose them. They pose Caprice with her face in Alexandria’s boobs and restart time, then quickly stop it again. They lay the girls on the bed and the guys fuck their frozen faces and pussies till they all cum. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Dakota Timestopped By Uncle


Dakota Skye, Jenna, Brock and Eric – Dakota and her friend Jenna are hanging out when Dakota’s Uncle Rico and friend come in, they sit down on the couch with the girls and start to get really close with them, touching their legs and inviting them out to go drinking with them. The girls don’t like this, and try to leave, but Uncle Rico activates his timestop watch, freezing them in time. They start to mess with the girls, and strip them, then they lay them down to fuck them. Rico slides his cock into Dakota’s pussy and fucks her tight little hole while Eric fucks her friend Jenna. The two older men fuck the girls till cum, then leave them posed on the couch. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Dakota Skye and Brock – Brock has received his new Dakota-Bot! He orders out of her box and examines her body, he tells her to organize his books, then orders her to dance for him. She climbs on his body and grinds her tight little robot body all on him, then he pulls down his pants and has her rub and suck his cock till he cums all over her face. *Explicit Sexual Content




Hot Tub Party Timestop


Dakota Skye, Jenna, Brock and Erik – Dakota and Jenna are hanging out in the hot tub, having fun being girls, kissing and feeling each others bodies when Brock and Erik come up out of nowhere asking to join the party, the girls refuse, so Erik timestops them with his new timestop watch. They mess with them a little bit, moving them around then restart them.

The girls freak out, not knowing what has happened, the boys then stop time again, this time taking their tops off, and restarting time. Dakota and Jenna are really confused and freaked out as their bathing suits start disappearing, and they are randomly getting cocks in their hands.

They insist that the boys leave them alone, so Brock and Erik decide it’s time to get theirs. They stop time again and pull the girls out of the tub and fuck them until they cum. *Explicit Sexual Content

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