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Helpful Neighbor

STARRING: Ivy Aura and MaX CoXXX

Ivy is having trouble getting her T.V. to work so she calls her friendly neighbor who loves helping her any minute he gets.
Little does she know, he is going to freeze her and have all the fun he can.
He starts by uncovering her boobs and playing with her soft pussy.
Soon he is fucking her frozen body without her resisting at all.
He fucks her from behind cumming hard in her tight pussy and unfreezing her after he had left.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Explicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Stripping, Nudity, Unfreeze, Confuse, Pussy Fucking, Cumming.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

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Best Friends Forever


Starring Nickey Huntsman and Lily LaBeau

Directed by Alex Dorian

Nickey and Lily are best friends forever. Nickey wants a little more though and Lily isn’t really sure about it. She tries to come on to her but Lily isn’t comfortable with it, so Nickey stops time. She undresses her and plays with her hair.

Lily is her life-size doll and she can do whatever she wants to her. She sucks on her nipples and makes her touch herself while she spreads her legs and removes her boots and socks so she can touch her beautiful feet.

Nickey removes her own clothing and continues posing Lily in various positions, putting her on her hands and knees and sitting on her, fondling and humping her frozen body. Then she positions her as an ottoman and rests her feet on her. As she tries to use her time stop powers one last time, it malfunctions and she accidentally freezes them both.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Time Stop, Girl on Girl, Lesbians, Posing, Statues, Doll, Nipple Play, Nipple Sucking, Fondling, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Undressing, Foot Play, Foot Fetish, Boot Removal, Sock Removal.




I Lost My Dog


Starring Casey Calvert and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Casey is sad, she has lost her Pet, he ran out the door while she was taking out the trash, so she is going door to door to see if any of her neighbors have seen him

She gets to Miles house, she knocks and he invites her in, sadly he hasn’t seen him running around, so she starts to leave, Miles timestops her.

He moves her to the center of his room and starts to pose her, sad faces, then starts to strip and pose her some more, crawling off the bed with her shoe in her mouth like her pet, and then touching herself.

He gets her naked and starts to have a little fun himself, he pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her frozen face, then starts fingering her pussy, prepping it for his cock.

He gets up and moves her around, then slides his cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her hard and deep in a couple of positions until he cums!

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Frozen, Humiliation, Blow Job, Face Changing, Fingering, Fucking, Posing, Stripping, Nudity, Body Moving/Manipulation, Body Views

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Days Of Our Lives


Starring Willow Hayes and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Rock and Willow are a beautiful young couple getting home for a crazy day in their city. Rock had bought this really nice watch from a flea market, which he got such a good deal on he’s skeptical it even works. He figured at the time it was stolen as the gypsy he bought it off wouldn’t say much about it, but Rock could careless about where a watch that nice and discounted came from.

As the two talk on their couch, Rock fiddles with the buttons and knobs on his watch as Willow becomes stone silent. Not just silent, but completely inanimate. Rock tells Willow to cut the , getting upset at Willow for being so childish. But as Rock continues to speak to Willow, he realizes something is up. As a test he picks Willow up, takes her pants and shirt off, and puts her in different positions. He goes to the kitchen and hits a button on his watch again. Suddenly, he hears Willow freaking out in the other room.

Rock can’t believe what could possibly be happening. He goes back to Willow and plays with the watch some more. He freezes and unfreezes her several times, every moment unfrozen Willow is in a panic with no idea what’s happening.

Rock thinks, if this is real then lets try stripping her down. So, Rock does it. He unfreezes her. Willow freaks out again.

Time passes, and Rock keeps the watch. Willow has no recollection of what happens when she is frozen, so all she has is suspicions. Throughout their daily lives and occasional arguments and petty tiffs, Rock finds an escape in the watch. When Willow complains about his poker night, or is talking when he wants silence, Rock goes back to the watch. He’ll freeze her to his liking, and unfreeze her before long.

Soon, he’s become fairly accustomed to this lifestyle, and even takes advantage to please his own sexual urges. He’ll freeze Willow’s naked body and using her like a sex doll.

And while she’s frozen she’ll have no memory of the events that took place while Rock finds himself a new quiet satisfaction in his life, only at the expense of Willow’s own puzzlement.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Stripping, Humiliation, Model, Catch & Release, Sexy, Body Views

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