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Alisha Gets Tricked and Mind-Fucked


Starring Alisha Adams and Alex Dorian

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alex has ordered a hooker, Alisha shows up and takes off her coat showing her sexy body.

She tells Alex her rates, but he refuses to pay, so she tries to leave, so he throws so mind-fucking powder into her face and she becomes under his control.

He tells her to dance for him and she starts dancing very sexy, then he tells her to take her clothes off and she strips very slowly and sexily.

Then he has her shake her ass while bent over on the bed, then he has her give him a lap dance.

Then he tells her to lay on the bed and finger herself until she cums!

Fetish Elements: Hooker, Orgasms, Mind Fucking, Nudity, Lap Dancing, POV, Role Play slave/Master, Fingering, Stripping


Presented in 1280×720 High Definition WMV Format



Froze, Posed and Sold

Two spies break into a top secret black market building. They are searching for guns to assist them in their spy duties. After searching through the building they discover a secret door, what lies behind are guns, and lots of them. While looking at their prize, a security guard comes in and freezes them with a freeze ray. after disarming them He carries them to a jail cell and strips them. Turns out the black market sells more than guns, they also sell frozen women at bargain prices. The buyer comes in and has the security guard help him cart the girls back to his place, where they dress them in dinner wear, then dress them in lingerie and takes them to his bedroom. The guard tells him the password that wakes them back up: Abrakadabrabro. The buyer lays down with his new ladies and says the word. They come back and after all that has happened are turned on and ready to please their new master.


YES Master

A female robot is delivered to a guy’s home; once he activates it, he has fun controlling it with his voice giving random orders regarding poses and actions: everytime the order is received, the female robot answers “Yes Master” and mindlessly acts. The video finishes with the order “suck my dick”, and we see the robot giving him a real blowjob!