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The Proposal

Starring Aspen Ora and Rock Bottom

Rock comes home to a very annoyed Aspen, his girlfriend. Rock proposes to her that her and her friend Chelsea should participate in a threesome. Aspen instead wants to break up with him instead, she has had enough.

Rock had been thinking about it for a long time and pulls out a wedding ring, proposing to her on the spot. Aspen wants no part of him anymore or his ring and forces him to leave her apartment.

Rock has other plans, though. He uses his timestop watch and freezes her in place. He is angry at her, but is excited about the prospect of posing her and stripping her down, using her one last time before he walks out of her life.

He starts to pose her in sexy positions, changing her facial expression and moving her hand and arms around her body. He eventually sits her on the couch and shoves his cock into her mouth, sending it to the back of her throat.

He strips her naked and sits her on the couch in the middle and begins to fuck her hard. He fucks her in a variety of positions until he cums inside her pussy.

He leaves her on the couch, and heads out to fuck Chelsea!

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Best Birthday

Starring Kiki Sweet, April May, and Rock

It’s Rock’s birthday and Kiki and April have gotten him a few fantastic gifts. Kiki’s gift is a very special watch that Rock adores. But he quickly finds that there is a part two to the present that no one is aware of.

His new watch stops time! He discovers it accidentally at first, making the girls freeze and posing them into silly positions and then unfreezing them, but then a great idea strikes him.

He freezes Kiki and April and strips them down, making them give him a frozen blowjob. He takes them to the bed and takes turns fucking both of them in their pussies in a variety of positions.

He mouth fucks April until his cums hard, his load spilling all over Kiki’s sweet face as she waits below for it.

He leaves them there, huddled on top of each other, their pussies exposed.

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I Wanna Be A Runway Model

Starring Karma Leone and Rock

Karma has come to Rock’s office with aspirations that she wants to be a runway model. She is a hard worker who will do anything she can to get ahead. Rock doesn’t think that her portfolio is good enough without showing her ass off.

Karma is a little hesitant to do anything nude. He makes her stand up and flash her legs and show her ass to him. She doesn’t want to, but she really wants more work, so she shows him. Karma shakes her ass for him, but its not enough. She is being too difficult for him so he freezes her instead and wants to pose her and use her in ways she would never allow him.

He poses her in all sorts of provocative positions and strips her nude. He lays her on his desk as he works, fondling her breasts and show interest in wanting to take his little frozen minx home with him to continue playing.

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Creepy Timestop

Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Javier is anxious for his Tinder date to arrive and when she does, he is a little disappointed. She was looking for more of a romantic relationship rather than a quick fuck. She decides to leave but is quickly stopped by Javier’s timestop watch.

He strips her and poses her. He inserts a black dildo into her pussy while continuing to play with her. He forces his cock into her mouth before bending her over and fucking her.

He carries her over to his bed where he continues to fuck April in various position, stopping to shove his cock down her throat. He puts her on her back and cums hard inside her pussy. The date now over, he leaves her, feet in the air, until he wants another snack.

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