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Barista Doll


Starring Alina West and Rock

Rock found a new toy at the coffee shop. He was just planning on coming back with some coffee, but his barista was a total smokin’ hot babe, and he’s really been dying for some action since his girlfriend broke up with him last week. So he froze her and brought her home with him to play with.

Now that he’s got her back at his place, he has her stripped down to her lingerie, which, not shockingly, is black and lacy and really sexy. He has some fun posing her around his apartment, bending her over, touching her hot body. She is such a babe! He lays her back on his bed and spreads her legs.

After rubbing her pussy through her sexy black panties, he moves them aside so he can slide his fingers into her. She may be frozen, but that doesn’t stop her from being wet. He slides his fingers in and, just for fun, unfreezes her as he’s doing so. She panics, but he freezes her again before she can really figure out what’s happening to her.

Then he starts to lick her pussy. It tastes so sweet and hot and wet. Then it’s his turn. He sits her up and opens her mouth, sliding his hard cock into it. He fucks her face, grabbing her hair and thrusting into her mouth. Then he fucks her all over his apartment, in several different positions, before dressing her in her sexy lingerie again and leaving her poised on his bed.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Doll, Posing, Lingerie, Stockings, Pantyhose, Pussy Eating, Drool, Blowjobs, Stiff, Lift & Carry, Foot Views.




Frozen Martini


Starring Kiki Sweet and Miles

The name’s Martini. Mandy Martini. And she’s here to shut down Miles’ doll trading business. But he sure is sly. He asks her to put down the gun so that they can talk about this before she does anything too hasty. Hesitantly, she complies. He tells her to look through his computer; he insists he’s not doing anything illegal and invites her to investigate.

She sets the gun on the table and takes a seat at the desk in front of his computer. But just as she begins looking through the files, something triggers and she freezes immediately. So that’s how he gets his dolls.

She will make a beautiful doll. He’s so excited to have her as a new addition to his collection. He drags her away and dresses her in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. Much better. Now he takes some time posing her in various posits, having fun with her. She has such a hot body and a cute face. Perfect doll material.

He poses her with her own gun, playing with her, undressing her, touching her. Once she is naked he places her on his desk with her legs spread and her gun stuck inside her pussy. Then he poses her so she’s touching herself. When he’s done playing with her he wheels her back into the warehouse for the night.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Nudity, Schoolgirl Uniform, Costumes, Role Play, Doll, Statue, Lift & Carry.




Prison Switch


Starring Alina West and Rock

Rock is locked up. He’s trying to be real sweet so he can get out early on good behavior. One of the guards is really cute, so he flirts with her. He asks her to bring him some books later. But she’s skeptical and doesn’t really want to help him out. That’s not really her job. He keeps her engaged, trying to talk to her to distract her. He’s got something up his sleeve— literally.

It’s a magical watch. He secures it on his wrist, and starts to moan loudly. Saying he’s in pain and needs help. She comes to his aid. She unlocks the cell and goes in to help him. Just as she’s leaning down to try and help him up, he slaps the watch on his wrist. She freezes immediately. Now he can have some fun with her before his ultimate plan to escape.

He removes her uniform, fondling her and caressing her beautiful, soft skin. Why is she a prison guard? She’s hot! Now that she’s naked, he shoves his cock in her frozen mouth. It’s so soft and warm. Oh how he’s longed for a woman’s touch. Holding her head in both hands, he watches the swing of her ponytail as he fucks her face.

He’s ready to fuck her now, so he flips her on her hands and knees and spreads her knees wide on his cot. He fucks her from behind as a long string of drool hangs from her mouth, swinging with the pounding motion of his cock. Then he grabs her and places her on top of him and fucks her while she’s on top. He’s about to cum so he stuffs his hard cock back in her wet mouth until he cums on her face.

Damn, that was worth what he had to do to get that watch. And this is about to make it better. FREEDOM! He puts on her guard uniform, and zips the orange jumpsuit over her hot body, leaving her in the cell and walking to freedom.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Blowjobs, Fucking, Drool, Posing, Lift & Carry, Prison, Jumpsuit, Uniforms, Costumes, Role Play, Doll, Statue, Body Views.




The Snobby Maid


Starring Alina West and Rock

It’s really hot out. Rock’s been working outside all day in the hundred degree weather, so he comes inside to grab a drink of water. It’s important to stay hydrated. He’s pleased to find the maid cleaning. She is gorgeous! He’s never seen her before so he strikes up a conversation with her. He asks her a little about herself.

He tries to invite her out for lunch sometime, but she clumsily dodges the invitation, making some excuse about how her employers are very strict when it comes to meal breaks. But he pushes the issue. He can tell she’s nervous. He’s standing a little too close to her and she feels a little awkward. Frankly, he’s dirty and sweaty and smells awful and she wants nothing to do with him, because ew!

Pretending she hears the lady of the house calling her, Alina makes an attempt to escape the palpable awkwardness in the room. Sighing, Rock slaps the watch on his wrist and she freezes in her tracks. He tried to ask nicely but this girl is a little bit of a snob. But no matter, now he can have fun with her however he wants.

He starts by bending her over against the wall and exposing her perfect ass. Ugh. He grabs it. It’s got such bounce. Then he takes off that sexy maid costume, but leaves on her stockings, heels, and choker. She even has sexy lingerie on. He fondles her hot, tight little body, sucking on her nipples and grabbing her tits.

Then he carries her over to the table where he lays her on her back and slides her so her head is hanging off the table. He pulls his dick out of his overalls and sticks it in her pretty mouth. Then he positions her so that he can fuck her. Her stockings are still on and he lifts her legs up and fucks her until he cums. Then he leaves her spread and naked on the table and gets back to work.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Blowjobs, Fucking, Posing, Doll, Statue, Stiff, Lift & Carry, Maid Costume, Role Play, Lingerie, Stockings, Pantyhose, Thigh Highs, High Heels.