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So…Am I Hired?


Starring Darci Belle and Javier

Ms. Belle is looking to hire an assistant, and Javier goes in for an interview. He doesn’t have very many skills and he tries using his sultry charms in lieu of a resume. Ms. Belle isn’t impressed; she cuts the interview short in an attempt to get him out of her office, since he clearly isn’t a good fit for the job. But just as she’s calling her secretary, he freezes her.

Now that she’s frozen, and that painful excuse for an interview is over, he does what he really came here to do. First he moves her out from behind her desk, caressing her, feeling her tits and running his hands up her skirt. Business casual is nice on her, but it would probably look just as good on the floor. He begins undressing her, removing her jacket, top, and skirt, leaving just her shoes and pantyhose.

He carries her nearly nude, doll-like figure to the luxurious armchair on the other side of the desk where he carefully removes her shoes and tenderly peels off her pantyhose. After unbuttoning his pants, he wraps her hands around his dick, jerking himself off with his new toy. She’s so sexy and she’ll do whatever he wants…

After touching her luscious pussy, he knows he wants to be inside, so he picks her up and carries her over to her desk, laying her out on top of it. He spreads her legs and tastes her pretty pink pussy before sliding his cock into it. He fucks her gently, bringing her legs up and gripping her thighs as he thrusts in and out of her. She continues to stare vacantly at the ceiling as he cums on her belly, caressing her one last time as if to thank her, and leaves her on the desk with her documents and instruments.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Doll, Statues, Posing, Lift & Carry, Pussy Eating, Shoe Removal, Pantyhose, Foot Fetish, Foot Play, Office.




Freezing the Jaywalker


Starring Alice Whyte and Miles

Officer Miles brings Alice in for jaywalking and she is not very pleased with her sentence. Since she’s such a pretty girl, Officer Miles offers to make her a deal; if she shows him her tits he’ll make sure her sentence is reduced. Disgruntled and put off, Alice refuses to use her body to get out of trouble, so Miles takes things into his own hands.

He slaps his watch and freezes Alice as she’s heading into the cell. He lifts her up and carries her across the room, posing her in various positions. He lifts up her little dress to see her perfect ass, which he caresses and undresses further. He continues to pose her in various positions, removing her clothing and unfreezing her from time to time to watch her feel confused and violated until he freezes her again to continue. He licks her pussy a couple times just to tease her and keeps her frozen and naked.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Nudity, Posing, Doll, Statue, Undressing, Spanking, Breast Fondling, Pussy Licking, Foot Views, Boot Removal, Sock Removal.




Twilight Princess


Starring Katarina Kay and Rock

Katarina wakes up to find Rock watching her sleep. He gives her flowers and tries to woo her and then freezes her so her can have his way with her. He proceeds to undress her and fondle her as he poses her in various positions. Then he drags her frozen body up on the bed and licks her pussy to warm her up. Then he slides his dick in her still, wet pussy and fucks her in several positions.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Pussy Licking, Fucking, Posing, Doll, Statue, Undressing, Fondling, Neck Licking.




Janitor’s Discovery


Starring Pepper Kester, Alice Whyte, Viva, Mercy, Jasmine, and Rock.

While cleaning an office building at night, a janitor finds a mysteriously shaped item covered in a green sheet. He removes the sheet to find five frozen girls. They stand there, vacant, like life-size human dolls.

Confused, the janitor waves his hand gingerly in front of their faces. When they show no signs of response, he decides to have a bit of fun with the girls. He poses them and removes their clothing one by one until all 5 girls are nude and posed in the office. Just as he gets all of them naked, he hears a noise, panics, and bolts from the office.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Posing, Lift and Carry, Statues, Dolls, Freeze.