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time stop fetish videos

Robo Audition

A girl is called for an audition, and the guy asks her to put a robo helmet on her head – But, when it gets turned on, she’s instantly turned into a robot he can control using his pc! Her mind is frozen and she can’t have any idea of what’s going on, while he drives her body to show him her breasts, butts, assume certain poses, dance and do humiliating stuff in front of him! When everything is finished and he removes the helmet, she still has no idea time has passed and she did all those things!


Belle and Stormy and the Time Stop Freeze Ray

A guy brings her two hotties friends to the mad scientist for having them frozen; first the redhead one is frozen for a brief time as an example; they really have a lot of fun, and they both willingly decide to get frozen for a longer period. Then, the guy carries them back home where he can use their bodies as sexy dolls; he begins to strip them naked, poses then on the bed, but time is not enough and they get back before he can have his way with them!


Time Stop Machine

A mad scientist is working at a time stop machine which seems not to be working; but, once he gets out of his lab, he finds out his secretary (Allie James) is frozen – It means it worked! At first he’s simply happy about it, but then he realizes he can do whatever with her! He starts stripping her body naked, then ends up fucking her on the desk… But, unfortunately, the time stop effect fades just in the moment of orgasm, and he is caught!