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The Holy Spirit Timestop


Starring Alexandria and David

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alexandria is a maid, and she is cleaning up at the house she works at while the owner is at work.

David, a Jehovah’s Witness, knocks at the back door, and Alexandria lets him in so he can wait to talk to the owner and continues her cleaning.

David is not use to a sexy girl like Alexandria, and starts to get hot as he has impure thoughts about her, fantasizing about her.

She catches him googling at her, and acting a creep, so she asks him to leave, David does the only thing possible in his repressed pervert mind, he timestops her, freezing her.

He starts to feel her sexy body, kissing her skin and stripping her slowly. He picks her up and dances with her frozen body, then bends her over.

He has to fuck her, so he takes his clothes off and slides his dick into her frozen pussy. He moves her around and fucks her timestopped mouth and then continues fucking her until he cums

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Timestop, Fucking, Blow Job, Fantasy, Nudity, Cleaning, Maid, Stripping, Posing, Body Views

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Revenge Of The Timestopper


Starring Victoria Verve and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

The Timestopper is back!

After his run-in with Red Justice, he has decided to set his timestopping sights a little higher…Wonder Woman!

He timeshifts into her apartment, and Wonder Woman knows exactly who he is and won’t go down like Red Justice, she attacks him and kicks his ass, but The Timestopper stops time and poses the heroine, then restarts time.

She tries to fight his timestopping abilities but is no match.

He timestops her again and strips her of her top, then lays her down and handcuffs her hands together.

He starts to fuck her frozen pussy with a dildo, then shoves it deep inside of her and unfreezes her to watch the modest heroine freak out, then timestops her again.

He bends her over and fucks her pussy with the dildo doggie style, then on her side.

He stands her up and poses her, then unfreezes her, she see’s an opportunity to strike and hits him across the head, then rushes to the phone to call Superman for assistance.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Superheroine, Freeze, Villains, Posing, Fighting, Catch & Release, Dildo, Dildo Fucking, Frozen Fucking

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Is That My Dildo?


Starring Alison Faye and Willow

Directed by Alex Dorian

Willow and Alison are roommates, and they are going out to see a movie, Willow sits in her room waiting for Alison to get ready.

Willow is big pervert, she has a massive crush on Alison, and steals all of her clothes and dildos and fucks herself with them, while she waits, she thinks of Alison getting ready, slowly dressing, and it gets her so hot that she starts to rub her pussy.

She reaches under her pillow and grabs Alison’s glass dildo, she slides it inside of her tight pussy and starts to fuck herself.

Alison walks in and see’s her roommate using her dildo and it all clicks together. She tells Willow that she is a disgusting pervert and that she isn’t going or doing anything with her.

Willow has a trick up her sleeve though, and slaps her watch, which instantly freezes Alison in time.

She gets up and starts to strip her sexy timestopped roommate, feeling her sexy body all over, then she picks her up and carries her to the bed, where she strips herself and puts on a strap-on.

She slides her dildo into Alison’s frozen pussy and starts to thrust it into her. She flips her over and fucks her in doggy style, then flips her over again to fuck her.

Fucking her friend is making Willow so hot, so she stands her up and bends her over and starts to pound her, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm, until she pops, a wave of ecstasy hits her as she pounds her frozen lover-doll.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Lesbian, Dildo Fucking, Masturbation, Strap-On, Posing, Stripping, Body Fondling, Porn Stars, Nudity, Body Views

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Support The Dance Team


Starring Allie James and Alex Dorian

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alex is at home reading, when he hears a knock at his door, he gets up to answer it and finds a sexy young girl in a dance outfit who is looking for money to help send her dance team to regionals.

He invites her in and they sit down, he asks her to show her some of her moves, but she doesn’t want to dance for him, he offers her money if she would work for it, but Allie isn’t up for that, so she gets up to leave.

Alex taps his timestop watch, freezing her where she stands.

He moves her around a bit and poses her leaning over and lifting her skirt, then restarts time. Allie is confused and tries to get away, but Alex timestops her again.

This time, he moves her around, and starts to strip her slowly, caressing her sexy body as he does, then he sits her on her knees and stands in front of her and restarts time.

Allie freaks out again, trying to leave, but Alex is quick with his watch, and timestops her again. He picks her up and carries her to the bed where he lays her down, he poses her some more and changes her face, then gets in between her legs and attempts to unfreeze her, but his watch isn’t working, so in a panic he runs out.

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Timestop, Cheerleader, Dancing, Nudity, Pornstars, Stripping, Posing, Body Fondling, Moving, Catch and Release, Body Views

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