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Dakota Timestopped By Uncle


Dakota Skye, Jenna, Brock and Eric – Dakota and her friend Jenna are hanging out when Dakota’s Uncle Rico and friend come in, they sit down on the couch with the girls and start to get really close with them, touching their legs and inviting them out to go drinking with them. The girls don’t like this, and try to leave, but Uncle Rico activates his timestop watch, freezing them in time. They start to mess with the girls, and strip them, then they lay them down to fuck them. Rico slides his cock into Dakota’s pussy and fucks her tight little hole while Eric fucks her friend Jenna. The two older men fuck the girls till cum, then leave them posed on the couch. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Time Stop Sex Toy Party

starring  Ivy London Lynn, Olive, Alisha Adams, Marilyn, Brock and Rock

When Rock shows up at Brocks work to see whats going on for the weekend, Brock tells him his girlfriend is having a sex toy party. Rocks excited due to the fact he hasn’t been laid in about 12 years. Then Brock shows him a time stop device he ordered online. The two plan to stop by but instead they decide hiding in the closet might give them a better view. As they start to hear the girls getting worked up, Brock activates the device and the girls are stopped in time. They start to do things to do the girls and restart time and stop it and the girls have no idea whats going on.


Fuck This Peeping Tom Shit, I’m Stopping Time

starring Alisha Adams, Jizzabelle, Trixi Gunns and Brock

Brock has been watching the girls for a while, but a few days ago his friend heeled him up with a time stop device. He shows up and finds out the girls are getting ready to go out for a little fun. That is until he decides they don’t have to go anywhere for him to have some fun. He activates the device and it works like a charm, he keeps stopping time and then starting it again while he undresses the girls and the well lets face it, if you had 3 smoking hot girls to play with what would you do?