Fashion A Timestop

“Fashion A Timestop”

Starring Lexi Tawny

Lexi is doing a fashion shoot with a well known local photographer, Aaron. She lays on the couch, posing in her lovey yet tasteful dress. Her sex appeal is palpable as she shifts her body, but she turns down Aaron’s attempts to make the shoot sexier. He doesn’t want the model’s prudish mannerisms to ruin a good shoot, so he decides to make use of his timestop watch!

He freezes her in place and spreads her legs, revealing her neatly trimmed push through her panties. He pries open her mouth with a finger and then slides his girthy cock in. He occasionally unfreezes Lexi to watch her shocked reaction, taking pictures all the while!

Aaron strips Lexi of everything but her stockings and her high heels. He lays her down on the sofa and tastes her sweet pussy. It’s so tight as first, but he makes her wet with further licking. Finally, it’s ready for him to slide his raging dick in! He pounds away at the frozen model until he’s about to explode. Aaron pulls his cock out at the last minute and unloads a torrent of cum all over Lexi’s belly and tits. He snaps some photos of his handiwork and unfreezes Lexi. She is shocked at the state she finds herself him and scurries off in shame!

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Posing, Modeling, Timestop, Freeze, Face Fucking, Pussy Licking, Fucking, Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

Bitch Slap Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

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