Frozen Martini


Starring Kiki Sweet and Miles

The name’s Martini. Mandy Martini. And she’s here to shut down Miles’ doll trading business. But he sure is sly. He asks her to put down the gun so that they can talk about this before she does anything too hasty. Hesitantly, she complies. He tells her to look through his computer; he insists he’s not doing anything illegal and invites her to investigate.

She sets the gun on the table and takes a seat at the desk in front of his computer. But just as she begins looking through the files, something triggers and she freezes immediately. So that’s how he gets his dolls.

She will make a beautiful doll. He’s so excited to have her as a new addition to his collection. He drags her away and dresses her in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. Much better. Now he takes some time posing her in various posits, having fun with her. She has such a hot body and a cute face. Perfect doll material.

He poses her with her own gun, playing with her, undressing her, touching her. Once she is naked he places her on his desk with her legs spread and her gun stuck inside her pussy. Then he poses her so she’s touching herself. When he’s done playing with her he wheels her back into the warehouse for the night.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Nudity, Schoolgirl Uniform, Costumes, Role Play, Doll, Statue, Lift & Carry.




4 thoughts on “Frozen Martini”

  1. I would defiantly get all of your Darcie Belle videos and most of your Odette Delacroix and Alina West videos if they were available in a higher quality format.



    1. We’re glad you approve! Bitch Slap Studios is dedicated to providing quality fetish films in some very hard to fill niches. You keep watching them and we’ll keep making them!

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