Masseuse Timestop

STARRING: Alice Whyte and MaX CoXXX

Alice shows up to give one of her legendary massages to a client, but little does she know, her client has a timestop remote and is excited to play.

She starts her massage and as she is time stopped her client takes her top off. This confuses her greatly when she is unfrozen and can’t understand the reason for her missing clothes!

Soon her pants are off too and its time to fuck!

He starts by fucking her over the massage table and getting his dick deep inside her.

Next he moves her to the couch where he can dominate her and cum without a single movement from her.

He gets back onto the massage table and unfreezes her, causing her to grab her clothes and flee, hopefully to never speak of this again with the client.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Explicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Stripping, Nudity, Forced Handjob, Unfreeze, Confuse, Pussy Fucking, Cumming

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

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