Mona Wales Frozen


Starring Mona Wales and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Mona has herself a secret admirer, Miles, who has snuck into her house while she was showering and put a special freeze serum into her drink.

Mona gets out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, and goes to drink her drink. Immediately, she realizes that it doesn’t taste quite right, and as she is setting it down, freezes.

Miles comes out of hiding to claim his prize, he tests to see if she is really frozen, then takes off her towel and admires her sexy body. He picks her up and carries her out and takes her home.

At his house, he sits her down on his couch and starts to finger her sexy pussy. He grabs a hitachi and puts it in her hand and has her hold it right over her pussy. While she sits there frozen with her pussy vibrating, Miles puts some high heels on her feet, then takes the hitachi away and starts to pose her, picking her up and setting her in a chair and posing her more.

He takes her to the bed and starts to fuck her with a dildo, then with a wine bottle. He picks her up and sets her up on the edge of the couch and fucks her with a banana, then a big dildo. He leaves the dildo in her pussy while he poses her some more, then lays her back down and plays with her some more before he poses her again on the chair.

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Posing, Nudity, Dildo Fucking, Fingering, Forced Orgasm, Food Fucking, Dildos, Pornstars, Body Views

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