Time-Out With Teacher


Starring Odette Delacroix and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Odette has asked her teacher, Miles, if he can help her study, he agreed and they went back to his house.

Miles tells her that he will give her A’s if she “takes care of him”, Odette is not that kind of girl and says no, so Miles timestops her.

He messes with her a bit, stripping her a little bit and then restarting time to watch her freak out. He slowly takes off all of her clothes while freezing and unfreezing her, and Odette continues to freak out, not knowing what is happening.

Once she is completely naked, he keeps her frozen so he can have some more fun with her, get waht he wanted all along. He pulls out his cock and slides it into her timestopped mouth and fucks her frozen face until he cums.

He then redresses Odette and sets her back on the couch and untimestops her, when she wakes she demands to know what is happening, and he convinces her that she was off daydreaming.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Teacher, Student, Catch & Release, Nudity, Stripping, Blow Job, Body Views

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Presented in 1280×720 High Definition MP4 Format



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