Pro-Domme Rilynn Timestopped!


Rilynn Rae and Rock – Miss Rilynn is a professional dominatrix, paid by the hour beating and worship sessions. Rock, uninterested in being controlled by her, shows up for a session. He defiantly complies with her orders and kisses her boots and feet, always grabbing at her ass or suggesting they fuck. Rilynn grows impatient with his advances and handcuffs him. She makes him continue at her feet and also worship her ass. Once his time is up, she tells him to leave, but Rock isnt finished, so he stops time. He then strips Rilynn and fucks her mouth for a bit then he fucks her tight matriarchal pussy on her own bed in several different postions until he cums inside of her. Satisfied, he then sets her up, still naked and restarts time. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Red Justice vs The Timestopper


Starli and Rock – Red Justice is a super heroine, an ass kickin, crime stopping dame with super strength, will and speed. But how will she fare against The Timestopper? A villain-for-hire, hired to capture Red Justice and through advanced timestop and mind fucking, make her a slave to evil. The Timestopper starts by toying with Red Justice, they fight and he stops time and restarts it only to be behind her as she swings at nothing. Then he ends the fight by putting a mind fucking collar on her, causing her mind to slowly melt, she resists at first, but after some timestop fun and fucking, she caves in and follows his orders, until her will overcomes the collar. The Timestopper has to stop time so he can fuck her till he cums. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Olive Timestopped During Massage!


Olive and Rock – Olive has been working very hard lately and needs a massage. She goes to Rock, a masseuse, Rock keeps trying to push the “Full Service” deal, but Olive won’t give, she says no. Finally, after she is getting up to go, Rock activates his timestop watch and starts to play with her, then he starts to fuck her until he cums all over her timestopped body. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Creepy Janitors Timestop Nurse and Patient


Tegan Mohr, Olive, Rock and Jack – Jacks been in the janitor game for a long time, and now he is training Rock to take over his job at the hospital. Rock is young, eager and horny, and quickly asks Jack about the girls at the hospital, Jack tells him that he has a timestop watch which he uses to stop time and fuck the girls. So they walk into a room where Nurse Olive is tending to Tegan and the guys stop time and they start to undress and fondle them, then Rock fucks Olive, then fucks Tegan in the mouth and pussy. *Explicit Sexual Content

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