YES Master

A female robot is delivered to a guy’s home; once he activates it, he has fun controlling it with his voice giving random orders regarding poses and actions: everytime the order is received, the female robot answers “Yes Master” and mindlessly acts. The video finishes with the order “suck my dick”, and we see the robot giving him a real blowjob!


Domestic Robot

A lady receives an unexpected visit from a male friend; once he gets in, he notices a strange object standing by near to the wall… It looks like a sexy woman made of flesh, but her head is an electronic one. It’s a robomeat! At first he believes it’s a joke, but the lady shows him it’s really a robot and it can do whatever she wants. Unexpectedly, the phone rings and she has to leave for 20 minutes; he remains there, starts fondling the robot’s butts and shortly gets horny. Since he’s alone, he decides to go for a quick fuck: the robomeat doesn’t care and lets him doing, as its circuits are standing by!




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