Viva My Robo Slave


Starring Viva and JohnM

Directed by JohnM

Viva is my little Robo Slave

I order her to wake up and sit up, she is under order to only refer to me as master.

I tell her to play with her tits, then sit on the table.

She is wearing a bra and some panties, so I order her to take her bra off, then her panties, then I tell her to play hit her pussy.

I order her to stop and to crawl around on the bed, then I have her sit on the couch and spread her legs for me, she is so sexy.

I order her to to lick the bottom of a lamp, then deep throat a candle. Then I tell her to lay back down and go to back to sleep.

Fetish Elements: Mind Fuck, Orgasms, Slave, Nudity, Command, s/M, POV, Stripping, Yes Masterviva_robo_slave_pre

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Timestopped Those Posh Bitches


Starring Allie James, Willow, Rock, Lucky and Alexander

Directed by Alex Dorian

Allie and Willow are spoiled little brats, they are at home relaxing, complaining about how loud the grounds keepers are being when they come in telling the girls that they will be taking a lunch break and ask the girls to get them something to drink

The girls tell them to get back to work and stop bothering them, so Rock decides to mess with them a bit, he sits down between the two girls and they jump up trying to get away from the sweaty guy, so he timestops them

Lucky and Alexander have never seen a timestopped girl, so Rock explains to them how it works, he urges the guys to strip the girls and pose them.

After a few poses, they decide it is time to have a little fun, Rock takes Willow to the bed and pulls his cock out and starts to fuck her frozen face while Lucky and Alexander fondle Allie’s smooth frozen skin.

Alexander pulls out his cock and slides it into Allies mouth, while Rock starts to fuck Willow’s timestopped pussy hard and deep.

Alexander bends Allie over and starts to fuck her, then Rock comes over and fills up her mouth, Lucky goes to fondle Willow. Alexander and Rock fuck Allie’s two tight frozen holes until they both cum, then then set up the two girls naked on the couch so they can use them again their next break

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Rich Girls, Pornstars, Frozen Fucking, Frozen Blow Job, Posing, Nudity, Stripping, Body Views

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Fired, Timestopped & Undressed


Starring Victoria Verve, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Victoria and Willow have been called into their bosses office to discuss their work conduct.

Rock tells them that either one or both of them will be fired, the girls each stammer trying to keep their job, but Rock doesn’t really care, he has different plans for these two slackers, so he activates his timestop watch and the girls freeze.

He gets up and switches their seats around, then restarts time. He continues to tease them, stopping time and stripping them or moving them, then restarting time and accusing them of being on something while at work.

After the girls realize that something is up, he timestops them and sits them both in the same chair and rolls them out and to his house for a little fun with his new toys.

He stands them up and starts to strip them fully, then starts to dress them in different types of lingerie, then poses them in sexy poses, touching each other or themselves.

Then he poses them on his couch together and goes back to work, leaving his toys there for future use.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Catch & Release, Nudity, Lingerie, Stripping, Dressing, Undressing, Mannequins, Statue, Body Views

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Timestopped Those Jehovah’s Witness Bitches


Starring Victoria Verve, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Rock is home, chilling and listening to music when he hears a knock at the door, he gets up to see who it is and finds two smoking hot babes, holding bibles and dressed to save.

They ask him if he’d like to talk about their savior, Rock doesn’t really want any “saving” but let’s them in anyway to have some fun.

They begin by talking about their lord, but Rock tries to get them to talk about them and their “purity”, he touches Victoria’s leg and asks her to save him. The girls don’t like this, then Rock tells them that he is Jesus, they laugh and get up to leave, but Rock isn’t done

He timestops them and starts to undress them, then poses them touching each other. He untimestops them and watches them freak out, then timestops them again.

He plays this game a few times, setting them up in sexy poses and unfreezing them, then timestopping them again, he spanks the frozen girls with their bible, then poses them on the bed.

Once he is done fucking with them, he sets them up on the bed touching each other and leaves them

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Jehovahs Witness, Posing, Nudity, Innocent Girls, Catch and Release, Teasing, Body Views

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