Ashlyn Timestopped


Starring Ashlyn Molloy and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Rock is going to hang out with his friend Alex, and goes to his house, but he isn’t home, instead, Alex’s sister, Ashlyn.

She tells him he can wait for Alex, so he sits down. He starts asking about her life, and if she’s single. She tells him that she has a boyfriend and that she is not interested.

Rock decides he has some time to mess around, so he timestops her with his timestop watch. He starts to pose her and then unfreezes her to watch her freak out, then freezes her again. He starts to strip her then puts her on the bed and puts his cock in her hand then unfreezes her, she tries to get away, so he freezes her again.

He slides his cock into her frozen mouth and fucks her face, then goes up and starts to fuck her. He pounds her tight pussy fucking her deep and hard, when the door opens and Alex walks in, he doesn’t seem to care that his friend is fucking his sister, so he lets them finish.

Rock unfreezes her and she freaks out and tries to get away, but he tells her that it was all her idea, Ashlyn tries to understand, but won’t believe it, so he freezes her again and fucks her until he cums. He leaves her frozen on the bed while him and Alex go get a beer.

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Timestop, Friend, Catch & Release, Teasing, Stripping, Nudity, Blow Job, Fucking, Posing, Body Views

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2 thoughts on “Ashlyn Timestopped”

  1. Ashlyn was fantastic! Besides being beautiful, she did a great job freezing, she had great reactions after she was unfrozen, and she has a great smile. Your video had all my favorite things in it. Multiple freezes and unfreezes. Ashlyn had great action poses when frozen. The guy molded a smile on her beautiful face. The only thing is I wish the guy had posed her in more of a sexy pose at the end. My favorite video so far!

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