Inventor Timestops Snobby Bitch


Olive, Maxwell Bhear and Miles – Olive works for a big company that buys nifty gadgets from aspiring inventors, and today she is talking to Max, who has invented a timestop watch. She see’s unrealistic inventions like this all the time, so she plays like she likes it and Max lets her hold on to the device and leaves very excited. Mile the janitor sweeps on in, and Olive tells him about the watch and how stupid it is, and tells him to throw it away. On the way to the trash, Miles runs into Max, who is excitedly talking on the phone about his big break. Miles tells him that Olive wasn’t interested and is just a snobby bitch, they decide to get their revenge. They sneak into the office and timestop her, then strip and pose her, Miles plays with her feet while Max sucks on her nipples, then they stand her up and start to pose her in sexy poses. They lay her down on the desk and each take a hole, Max fucks her timestopped face while Miles takes her pussy. They fuck her till they each cum inside of her then set her up in her chair, with her hand touching her pussy. Max restarts time and Olive freaks out as Max continues to try to sell his invention. *Explicit Sexual Content

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