Melody Jordan, Maxwell Bhear and Alex Dorian – Mad Scientist/Robotic Engineer Dr. A. Dorian has finally finished his model of Fem-Bots. He advertised his bots in the local paper for rentals, and a customer calls to order a bot. Max, the local robot-loving horndog, decides he wants to go with a Melody-Bot, and Dr. Dorian turns her on, packs her up, and sends her on her way.Max gets his sex-bot in the mail and tests her out, he gives her orders, feeling her body, and how real she feels. He tosses some books and the floor and orders her to pick them up. Then he tells her to sit down and play with her pussy, then he feels her pussy and fingers her. He makes her crawl around on the floor. He tests her out some more, then tells her suck his dick, then he fucks her until he cums. *Explicit Sexual Content




2 thoughts on “Melody-Bot”

  1. Very happy to see that you guys are starting to get into robot videos…there goes all my money! Does this Melody-bot video feature any robotic talking from her?

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