Nurses Get Fucked And Timestopped And Fucked


Rose and Viva – Alex snuck into the hospital to steal some meds, when Nurse Viva and Nurse Rose catch him the act, they threaten to call security, but Alex isn’t going down without a fight, so he timestops them with a special timestop app on his phone. But who would leave two hot timestopped girls without playing with them first? Not Alex, so he strips them and sucks on their nipples and fondles them, then he lays Viva down and starts to fuck her, when the janitor, MaX, comes in. Alex runs away. MaX realizes quickly that the sexy nurses are frozen, so he starts to play with them too, then he lays Rose down and fucks her timestopped pussy until he cums all over her stomach.

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2 thoughts on “Nurses Get Fucked And Timestopped And Fucked”

  1. I love the facial expressions of Rose. I think it adds a new flare to the videos when you add other nationalities not just American and Italian, not that its a bad mix just change it up some. This was great. PS. The new sets are a nice touch too.

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