Pro-Domme Rilynn Timestopped!


Rilynn Rae and Rock – Miss Rilynn is a professional dominatrix, paid by the hour beating and worship sessions. Rock, uninterested in being controlled by her, shows up for a session. He defiantly complies with her orders and kisses her boots and feet, always grabbing at her ass or suggesting they fuck. Rilynn grows impatient with his advances and handcuffs him. She makes him continue at her feet and also worship her ass. Once his time is up, she tells him to leave, but Rock isnt finished, so he stops time. He then strips Rilynn and fucks her mouth for a bit then he fucks her tight matriarchal pussy on her own bed in several different postions until he cums inside of her. Satisfied, he then sets her up, still naked and restarts time. *Explicit Sexual Content

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    1. We’re glad you approve! Bitch Slap Studios is dedicated to providing quality fetish films in some very hard to fill niches. You keep watching them and we’ll keep making them!

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