Step Dad Timestop


Lumin and Torro Bravo – Lumin is home from school, reading a book in her living room when Torro, her new step-dad comes in to see how she’s doing. He starts to touch her, and she tries to get away, but Torro timestops her before she reaches the door. He picks her up and puts her in the middle of the room and pulls her top down, then restarts her, she pulls her top back on and Torro stops time again then strips her completely. Torro then holds her in his arms and starts to kiss her and unfreezes her again, she pulls away from him, but he stops her again before she can get away. He pulls out his cock and puts her hand on it and continues to tease her by unfreezing her and freezing her again, then he puts her on her knees and puts his cock in her mouth, he fucks her timestopped face, then unfreezes her, she see’s her step dads cock in her mouth and tries to get away, but he freezes her and lays her down and fucks until he cums. *Explicit Sexual Content

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3 thoughts on “Step Dad Timestop”

  1. Lumin is a beauty! Love the videos where you show the soles of the models’ feet & face in mish position. I noticed alot of vids with Rock show this angle. Please keep shooting from that angle. Also, would like to see knee kneeling, frozen BJ’s, from a top view so we can see the bottom of the models feet & soles. Just some suggestions from a foot lover!

  2. Yes, I have seen sleepyfeet,but they rarely show the models’ face and soles at the same time. Plus, they do not have the sex of Robomeats. Definitely like Robomeats for showing soles, face, and fucking. Just wanted to see some more sole from a kneeling BJ position from a looking down angle. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

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