You’re In My Bubble

Starring Jenny Jett and Sgt. Miles

Jenny Jett is watching TV and enjoying her time when her roommate Miles enters. He is SO ANNOYING. He thinks just because they are roommates means they are friends.

She wants none of this and her last roommate was the same way. She is getting angry and Miles is trying really hard to be friendly. She doesn’t want to be friends, she wants privacy and respect.

She wants him to get out of the room NOW. This little bitch is going to get timestopped whether she likes it or not.

Miles freezes her and begins touching her, whispering to her how much he loves her smell and the softness of her skin. He smells her hair and hugs her, caressing her neck and shoulders. He takes off her shirt and begins sucking on her nipples and kissing her back and stomach.

He lays her on the couch and begins kissing and fondling her feet, even sucking on her toes. He can’t resist and takes off her jeans and devours her pussy. He poses her in several silly positions before putting her clothes back on; he has to head out to work, but when he comes home they’ll be able to hang out and cuddle!

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Roommate, Timestop, Freeze, Robot, Doll, Pose, Strip, Change, Nipple Sucking, Pussy Eating, Foot Worship, Toe Sucking, Foot Rub, Dressing, Posing, Spit

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