I Wanna Be A Runway Model

Starring Karma Leone and Rock

Karma has come to Rock’s office with aspirations that she wants to be a runway model. She is a hard worker who will do anything she can to get ahead. Rock doesn’t think that her portfolio is good enough without showing her ass off.

Karma is a little hesitant to do anything nude. He makes her stand up and flash her legs and show her ass to him. She doesn’t want to, but she really wants more work, so she shows him. Karma shakes her ass for him, but its not enough. She is being too difficult for him so he freezes her instead and wants to pose her and use her in ways she would never allow him.

He poses her in all sorts of provocative positions and strips her nude. He lays her on his desk as he works, fondling her breasts and show interest in wanting to take his little frozen minx home with him to continue playing.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Model, Agent, Meeting, Sequin, Timestop, Freeze, Watch, Pose, Strip, Lingerie, Ass Shaking, Reluctant, Posing, Fondling, Breasts
Presented in 1280×720 High Definition MP4 Format



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