Janitor’s Discovery


Starring Pepper Kester, Alice Whyte, Viva, Mercy, Jasmine, and Rock.

While cleaning an office building at night, a janitor finds a mysteriously shaped item covered in a green sheet. He removes the sheet to find five frozen girls. They stand there, vacant, like life-size human dolls.

Confused, the janitor waves his hand gingerly in front of their faces. When they show no signs of response, he decides to have a bit of fun with the girls. He poses them and removes their clothing one by one until all 5 girls are nude and posed in the office. Just as he gets all of them naked, he hears a noise, panics, and bolts from the office.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Posing, Lift and Carry, Statues, Dolls, Freeze.




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