Texas Hold ‘em


Starring Larae Bovee and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Larae and Miles are waiting for Alex, Miles brother and Laraes boyfriend, he’s always late and they’re stuck with nothing to do. Miles suggests they play some cards, Texas Hold ‘em, and turns out, Larae is a very skilled poker player, so she agrees.

They lay down the cards and start their game, Miles draws a hand and Larae seems fairly confident in her hand. Miles taps his timestop watch, freezing time, and switches hands with her. He sits back down and restarts time.

They show their hands and Larae is astonished to see her hand on his side of the table. Miles, being the winner, tells her to take her top off, Larae is not going to, so he freezes her again.

He lifts her frozen arms up and takes her top off, then sucks on her nipples and plays with her frozen tits, then he poses her in a sexy position before restarting time.

When she awakes, Larae freaks out and tries to leave, Miles timestops her again and puts her in the corner, then he sets up the game again, he sits her down and then restarts time. Another winning hand! He tells her to take her pants off, but Larae just doesn’t want to play, so he freezes her, then lays her on the bed and strips her, then sets her up in another sexy pose before unfreezing her.

Larae is really freaked out with all thats happening and tries to run away again, so he freezes her and sets her in the chair, about to have more fun when Alex walks in, disgusted with his girlfriend showing off the goods, he and Miles leave her there frozen.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Catch & Release, Fondling, Nudity, Nipple Sucking, Cards, Cheating, Stripping, Posing, Freak Outs, Body Views

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