The Frozen 8


Starring Loni Legend, Pepper Kester, Lily LaBeau, Willow Hayes, Victoria Verve, Larae Bovee, Viva, Anna and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Miles has struck the mother load, 8 girls, all sexy and all frozen!

He takes them to his house where he lines them up, four on one side and four on the other.

He starts to play with them, posing them slightly, then starts to pose them in sexy positions, stripping them slightly or completely naked.

After he finishes with a set of girls, he redresses them then sets them back up, then moves on to the next set of four, stripping and posing them in sexy positions, then sets them back up and leaves them there while he goes to get his friends!

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Frozen, Wax, Statue, Posing, Stripping, Nudity, Body Moving/Manipulation, Body Views

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  1. excuse me.
    how do I buy a video? the frozen 8, but I do not have paypal and can not be accessed in my country please give me a solution?
      whether it can pass western union?
    I was in Indonesia.
    Please give the solution
    all how much it costs for the video?

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