This Case Is Frozen


Veronica Radke – Lisa Martinek is a young but very smart attorney, investigating Bo Frost’s Wax Museum. It seems girls have been disappearing and the wax museum has statues in their likeness. Lisa keeps digging and digging and she feels that she is close to the bottom of this mystery. She arrives home late one evening and starts to take her clothes off to shower. She gets in the warm water and starts to brush her teeth while she winds down from her day, While in mid brush stroke, her body stiffens up and she freezes. Then Bo Frost enters her room and pulls her frozen body out of the shower, he had put a freezing chemical into her toothpaste. He dries her body up and starts to pose her, thinking about the right pose for her in his museum, He changes her face and poses her till he figures out which he likes, then he drags her off to his museum




4 thoughts on “This Case Is Frozen”

  1. I video looks cool can’t wait to check it out. Liking the shower scene. Will Rose become a regular on this site? Wouldn’t mind seeing her again!

  2. When I said I like to see a shower scene I meant an original. This is not, I have the same EXACT video with different actors and very minor changed details. Very disappointed by your lack of creativity on this video.

    1. This is a custom as most are and as such, they tend to follow what the customer wants. To keep the costs down for the customer, we offer production plans that make use of our already established sets and locations. However, we are able to accommodate any budget. If you are ever interested in creating your own custom production to your own specifications and budget, we are ready and excited to work with you.


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